Using Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Allianz Group, founded in 1890, is a global financial service company that is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Since its first international branch office opened in London in 1893, Allianz has expanded to over 90 countries boasting over 83 million customers. “Allianz Malaysia” opened its doors to the Malaysian public in 2001 and following in the reputable footsteps of its global company; it aims to be the most trusted provider of financial services for the people of Malaysia, as well as continue its functions as a responsible corporate citizen.

With 37 branches, over 100 agencies spread across the country and with big plans of expansion, Allianz Malaysia recognized the importance of having an efficient flow of information within these agencies and branches. This information is crucial to the functions that help the company to stay efficient and productive. It helps to build trust between teams that results in increased productivity and importantly leads to better customer service resulting in happy customers and ultimately benefiting the business.

To achieve this flow of information, Allianz required a tool that is visually striking, user-friendly, easy to deploy nationwide, fits into the companies expansion plans, customizable to the company’s image and most importantly requires little to no maintenance.

Screenplify meets all these requirements and still offers more just out of the box. Allianz was quick to engage the services and kick off the project. To date, Allianz has deployed 128 devices (to date) all around Malaysia. The devices disseminate information on the company’s products, recognize and celebrate team achievements, broadcast messages from the senior leadership to help motivate and boost the morale of the teams. Schedule training videos and even give airtime for the individual agencies to put up their own content.

All these are conveniently controlled centrally on the cloud. Managers based in the HQ can easily update and schedule necessary information and sync it down to the devices. The system provides a drag and drops interface to help manage content, shows the realtime status of the devices, and also provides reports on usage and behavior. The users compliment on how user-friendly the system is and the ease of managing a Nationwide Digital Signage Network. They also appreciate the fact that the devices can simply be shipped to the agency which then just needs to be plugged in to play. This enables huge cost savings as it cuts down expenses on having to support teams on the actual deployment and implementation.

Allianz is working closely with Screenplify, recognizing them as their Digital Signage Partner; on how to further customize and enhance the system to do even more. Allianz plans to use the system not only as a solution for the above-mentioned information flow but also as a tool to help present and ‘sell’ products and services to potential customers and even help recruit new members to the team.

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