Event Spaces as a Service: Smart Event Venues

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In 2018 Sunway Hotels and Resorts kicked off a huge refurbishment and expansion plan that added to its collection of hotels and resorts across Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam 1. The project included the renovation and redevelopment of the events and meeting spaces and facilities of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Sunway Pyramid Hotel, Sunway Clio Hotel and Sunway Convention Centre in Bandar Sunway. The three hotels and the convention center together offer an extensive array of Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, Auditoriums, and Banquet Halls to offer their customers.

The project aimed to create a fusion with the new interior design concept and modern technology to give their customers a ‘Smarter’, Innovative and Productive Experience. Be it for business meetings, team building, lectures, workshops or even weddings, Sunway wanted to continue delivering the engaging products and services that their guests and business partners have come to anticipate and experience.

Aligning with this promise and drawing from substantive data and consumer insights collected in preparation for the project, Sunway concluded that they needed a Digital Signage System to deliver and further enhance the digital presence and innovative experience. Because of the number of rooms that are distributed amongst few floors and spread across 3 different hotels combined with the ambitious plan for a complete digitalization, the requirements for the digital signage system was unique and plenty. Briefly, the system needs to be first and foremost ‘Enterprise Grade’; meaning security, control, support, reporting and administration had to be top-notch while keeping its complexity and maintenance at the lowest. The system requires to show real-time updates of the events and meetings as most of the screens are placed outside the rooms to give current information about what is going on and also in the common / networking areas showing updated lists of events for the day. The system had to also be integrated with existing management systems to pull the data and show it accordingly. The screens placed in the lobby areas had to run 24/7 showing a slideshow of images and videos. Lastly, the system should also integrate with the video broadcasting systems to deliver content via the inhouse channel. And most importantly for Sunway; all this needed to be executed with minimum to zero interference to existing workflows and SOPs.

After a rigorous bidding and evaluation process and a POC period, Screenplify was awarded the project based on a number of merits, most notably; what’s available out of the box, price point and also flexibility in customization. To-date Screenplify powers more than 100 devices in the above mentioned three hotels and the convention center. Integration with the existing management systems was done seamlessly and data is pulled periodically to update events and display them at the appropriate time, all done automatically eliminating the need to enter data twice; powered by Screenplify’s Spark Plugin. Screenplify allows for multi-user and multi-tenanted access so that different departments can update their content without having to involve IT staff. Screenplify can easily cater to the different display requirements for the inhouse broadcasting system and allows easy creation of dynamic and interactive layouts for the mobile kiosks. Screenplify’s ‘Plug and Play’ devices help Sunway to easily scale and cater to the ever changing events environment and since the devices are robust and branded, there have been no issues running the content 24/7. The devices’ offline capabilities benefited the staff to move the interactive mobile kiosks around to places where they might not have network connections. The users have been complimenting on the user-friendliness of Screenplify and the ease of having a Visual editor (WYSIWYG) to design and manage layouts.

Screenplify has been working closely with the Group’s IT director and team to further enhance the system and to continuously improve the experience delivered to the guests and partners.

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